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Did you know How much time average corporation loss on not automatized systems?

Money lost in not automatized work that can be automated

$5 Bn

Did you belive in it? Other does!
Executives belive that automation will save money


How much time?
Executives that believe automation will save time


Waiting, watching, designing
Time you can save yearly:

69 days for each employee

How much money it is in your company?
SQL for building Apps

Low-code Subject Meter Language (SML) - it's like SQL for building Apps. More difficult cases can be built in the same SML language.

UI <==> CODE

You can build using code or UI, in the end everything will land in the code!

Low-hanging fruit!

Built on top of your infrastructure layer - based on Kubernetes API, built with open source components. The same maintenance, capacity, cost and operations planning like in current solutions.


Scalable, same as your infrastructure because it's part of it!

DevOps methodology

Known delivery process trough DevOps methodology with broad control over process, quality, security and monitoring of it.

Hightly Extensible

Built in highly extensible and already used technology - Ansible - you can even write your own extensions and integrations in your language of choice.

Integrate everything

Can connect legacy and modern words by enterprise integration plugins.

Engineers friendly! Business Analysts friendly!

Let's be honest, low-code is for everyone only in startups, in enterprise environment it's for Engineers, Data Science and Analysts!


Reuse already hired engineers for new tasks!


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Integrate everything

Whit only few lines of code you can integrate whatever you want inside your company!

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